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Art Direction

Fashion Mister

Fashion Guru and editor, Dave Lomax commissioned us to create concepts for his new upcoming fashion blog. With a distinct taste of “Man”!

Blackberry Storm


__Working with our partner agency GPJ, we produced a number of video based sequences to run on screen whilst a celeb. presenter discussed its key features, breaking down functionality and sexiness!

Castrol Singapore


__A series of narrative and spontaneous brand related motion graphics produced for a LIVE event held in Singapore for Castrol. Magenta designed and produced the shows video content which consisted of LIVE action performances, backed by video and projection mapping techniques for our partner, experiential agency Flourish.

Agency. Flourish
Creative Director. Guy Tremlett
Art Direction. Magenta
Production. Magenta / Peter Menich

Landrover LRX


__The project scaled a massive 4104×864 and was rendered out at 60fps. Working along side Nick Scott and Darkside Animation, the team composited and output the entire project over a 4 week period. Commissioned by Imagination London. The film was shown at the Detroit Motorshow. Weve just found out that the LRX film produced early 2008 won a BIMA (British Interactive Media Award).